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The KyEHC is a tranquil 70+ acre farm and safe haven for equines in need. Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds. Some arrive here surrendered by their owners and others have been rescued from abuse and neglect. Once healed and (re)schooled these wonderful horses are available for adoption to become someone's best friend and partner.

Our Mission Statement is:
‚ÄčTo provide humane treatment and shelter while working to seek adoptive homes and provide second chances for Kentucky's equines, regardless of breed.To educate the public and raise awareness for responsible equine ownership so that fewer horses end up in crisis.To work with and serve as a model for organizations with the same mission in other states: to save America's equines from inhumane treatment.

Help. Heal. Home.

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1713 Catnip Hill Rd, Nicholasville, Kentucky 40356                                                             P.O. Box 910124   Lexington, Kentucky 40591

We now have a gift shop here at the KyEhc!  You can order online off our Facebook page, or simply email us your order or even stop in! We have several goodies to choose from and all of the money goes to help our equines in need! Here are a few things we offer up for purchase, we also have license plates, mugs, and umbrellas. 

Long Sleeve Tee



Various Sizes

Get out the champagne, Bubbles finally popped!

Bubbles was part of a free-roaming herd that had to be relocated, she arrived at KyEHC with no known history and we assumed her to be semi-feral. Much to our delight Bubbles was previously broke to ride, but as she started gaining weight we discovered she was in foal! She had a healthy and uneventful pregnancy and then early this morning Flynn arrived into the world.

Flynn seems to be a healthy and vibrant foal. Bubbles is doing well after a visit from Dr. Kiviniemi-Moore from Rood And Riddle Veterinary Clinic who checked on mom and foal and helped clean up Bubbles a bit.

For those wondering about the name choice, we named him Flynn in honor of Janis Flynn. Janis was a long-time friend of our barn manager Julie, and she also previously provided a loving adoptive home to a KyEHC mare from near the same area where Bubbles was found. Janis only recently discovered that she had leukemia and unfortunately lost that battle shortly after. She was a friend to many equines and humans alike and a light in this world that will be sorely missed. Janis requested, in lieu of flowers at her funeral, that donations be sent to KyEHC in her honor. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Janis or to celebrate Flynn's arrival you may do so here:

Fleece Vest


Gray, Black

Med and Large

Before- 4 months

***We also have youth sizes available, in the Long sleeve tee, and in the short sleeve also in various sizes and colors. 

Short Sleeve Tee


Numerous Colors, 

Various Sizes

(blue shirt in pic is actually a dark teal color)

Men's Polo


Blk, Large Only

After- 11 months

Crewneck Sweatshirt


Black, Royal Blue

Various Sizes

 On March 6th, we received an urgent message about an abandoned yearling out in Eastern KY. A concerned individual came upon her, and noticed that she was separated from the rest of her herd. Left alone, she was unable to stand, or fend for herself. Permission was granted by Animal Control to move her to a safe place and the next day, some wonderful volunteers moved her and transported her to us. We made a quick decision for her to go directly to Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital. She presented with severe dehydration, emaciation and exhaustion. Fluids were administered (along with electrolytes) and free choice hay provided.

We have named her Millie. Because of her condition, she is unable to stand on her own, and needs assistance to get up. Still at Rood and Riddle, we are hoping that each day will bring improvement.

Any horse in this condition has a long road ahead of them. Millie weight taped at 250 lbs, which is half of what she should weigh now as an 11 month old. Below is a picture of her at 4 months (L) and a present day picture (R).

Simply put, we would be very grateful for financial help in caring for her. If you are interested and can do so, please click on . We thank you for your interest!


Ball Cap


Royal blue, white, red, black, 

Light Pink

Bubbles and Flynn


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Womens Polo


Blk, Large only