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Happenings Around the Center...

Open House

Kentucky Equine Humane Center  1713 Catnip Hill Rd, Nicholasville KY   859.881.5849  Fax-859.881.0064


Here is our Director Karen Gustin helping Millie greet one of our Lansdowne Summer Camp students. .

The KyEHC is a tranquil 70+ acre farm and safe haven for equines in need. Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds. Some arrive here surrendered by their owners and others have been rescued from abuse and neglect. Once healed and (re)schooled these wonderful horses are available for adoption to become someone's best friend and partner.

Our Mission Statement is:
​To provide humane treatment and shelter while working to seek adoptive homes and provide second chances for Kentucky's equines, regardless of breed.To educate the public and raise awareness for responsible equine ownership so that fewer horses end up in crisis.To work with and serve as a model for organizations with the same mission in other states: to save America's equines from inhumane treatment.

Help. Heal. Home.

August 19th, Noon-3pm
Come out and visit and take a tour of the farm and visit our horses.
For All who are interested in lending a Helping Hand Volunteer Orientation will be held from 11am to 1pm.
There will also be all kinds of gently used Tack available for purchase with the funds used to support all the Center's Horses.

Please join us in welcoming Sherry's new colt!--Aragon!

Sherry came to the Center with her last year's foal Miko and was also pregnant at the time. We don't know who the sire of any of the youngsters would be from their group (this group also includes Marnie, Ajax, Dune, Bubbles and her foal Flynn) since they all came from a free-roaming herd. Luckily Sherry was not very malnourished when she came so she had a nice healthy pregnancy with this little one and we look forward to watching him grow bigger and stronger with each new day.

New foals at KyEHC remain with their mothers until they are old enough to be weaned, which means Sherry and her new colt wont be adoptable separately for a while (the colt will be adoptable as a gelding later on). Luckily someone has offered to sponsor this pair to help offset the costs of their care while they are here. We are grateful for this sponsorship and hope others may be willing to do the same in the future, helping us to help the horses until they are prepared to be offered for adoption!

Take the Reins Education Program

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We were excited to have the Landsdowne Elementary Summer Program kids out for a field trip to the center! They had a great time and the Herald Leader was gracious enough to come out and get some great coverage of the kids interacting with our horses.  

We are super excited to be starting the new school year off with three new schools in our Take the Reins Program, Presented by Alltech:  Ashland Elementary, Lansdowne Elementary, and Christ The King Elementary. Those schools will be taking several field trips here to the center and also to Alltech, along with incorporating an equine related curriculum into their everyday studies.  Each school will be "fostering" one of our equines here at the center for the school year. 

It's a Colt!!!