This is Maxie after her ordeal! She is working to become a model citizen and doing great at it.

Maxie was adopted in late January with one of our other little guys, Patrick's Bullseye. She seems happy and is fitting in well in her new home in Tennessee, please check back for pictures and updates!

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Care & Rehabilitation

Our horses receive only the best care.  We work with highly experienced veterinarians, farriers, and other professionals to ensure the correct treatment for our horses.  Of course, this level of expert care to help with the wide array of ailments that some horses have is very costly.  Please consider a donation.

This is Maxie before, when she came to us back at the beginning of November, she was the most severe case the center has seen, and it was touch and go there for a while, she had to spend 3 weeks at the equine hospital because she need round the clock care and rehab to get her to where she could come home, and it was a huge homecoming when she did, and she has flourished ever since!