Jaycee T. from Lexington, KY sent us a card:

Dear KyEhc, 

For my 12th Birthday I collected money for your charity. All together I raised $115.00. I donated to this charity because horses are a big part of my life. I hope this money goes to good use, because living in Kentucky, I have seen many horses and an amount I hate to admit are mistreated. Luckily where I ride they are very kind to the horses and I hope this money helps. 

*Jaycee donated her Birthday monies of $115.00

We, from time to time receive heartfelt letters and "Thank You's" from people who have raised money, or have done projects and donated from those projects to the center in the form of money, feed and supplies. This page is to recognize those people who have sent those letters and "thank you's"

Good "Neigh"-bors!

Mari P. from Kinosha, WI wrote us earlier this month with this letter:

Dear Kentucky Equine Humane Center, 

My name is Mari, and I recently completed my senior year of high school. A part of being a senior we are required to do a "Senior Project". For my project, I volunteered at a Therapeutic riding center and did an internship with my riding instructor. Also during my four years in high school, I did a lot of fundraising for my project. Some Seniors used their money to do service projects and service trips, I would like to give the money I raised to your charity. I hope that it helps take care of the beautiful horses at your center. I had heard about your charity several years ago in a Horse Illustrated magazine. Ever since then I have wanted to help out in some way. I am very passionate about horses and am happy that the Kentucky Equine Humane center exists to find horses loving homes. I really admire that you are giving these horses a second chance at life and that they are going on to have happy lives. 

After hearing about your organization and others like it, I hope to someday adopt a horse!

* Mari raised over $450.00 for her Senior Project that she donated to the center.