Adopt a Horse

Adopting is as easy as 1 - 2 - 3:
Step 1: Fill out the application. Adoption_Application_updated 2016.docx
Step 2: Send it in along with your $20.- processing fee.
Step 3:Come pick out your horse.

​OK, there are a couple of "ifs": Your application has to be approved but don't worry,
we will contact you as soon as this is done or if we need more information. If we do
not have a horse that matches your interest at this time, you can leave your
application on file. This way you will be ready to go when you do find your new
equine partner.  

Adoption Fees: 
Adoption Fees range from as low as $150.- to about $1500.- depending on the
equine's age, health, amount of training, and experience. The average adoption
fee falls between $350.- and $550.-. If you would like to find out the adoption fee for
a specific equine please email us at: . Our own cost for housing
and rehabilitating a horse is approximately $550.- per month, including all overhead
​expenses to operate the farm. Adoption fees cover only a small fraction of our
expenses for each horse. This is why our horses depend on your contributions.
​Please consider making a donation today.