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Maxie and Patrick

Patrick on intake day, his 1st day at the center without his mom. 

Maxie was our miracle mare who overcame incredible odds, to being starved and near death, to the point where she could not hold her own weight and was held up with a sling. Her month stay with the vet and her incredible recovery here at the center has lead her to being adopted to a wonderful family in Tennessee. We wish her the best!

Patrick with his New mom, Esprit. 

and After...

And then we have Patrick...

Patrick was born on a strip mine in Eastern Kentucky and he and his mom were rescued by us, he then was orphaned when his mom coliced and then developed severe laminitis in all four feet and had to be put down. He came to us unable to properly lead and scared, we put him with our Nanny Mare Esprit and she taught him manners and how to function like a proper citizen..along with a little help from us too..He was adopted to the same family as Maxie, and we hope he thrives and becomes an awesome working citizen and we can't wait to see updates!

Before, on intake day..

Both Maxie and Patrick with their new family in Tennessee!

Tony D and Lexie are going absolutely fabulous! They were actually featured in American Girl Magazine, where it showcases Tony D and Lexies remarkable bond! These two were meant to be!

Update!- April 2016

Meet Lexie,  she fell in love with Tony D the moment she saw his picture on another site (A Pony Named Satan),  A beautiful 9 year old Appaloosa , Tony was Insulin Resistant, and had suffered laminitis, fat pads, and a cresty neck.  Tony needed a "dry lot", which Lexie and her family had at their Southern California home.  His diet requires low sugar - so, no pasture grazing at all.  Lexie was thrilled when we gave her the good news that Tony D was going to move to California and become her life-long partner!
    Lexie is also on a special "diet".  She has no intestines, so she has relied on  IV's for her nutritional needs for her 11 years.  She understands Tony's dietary needs perfectly, and feels that this adoption of Tony was meant to be - Lexie was adopted, too.  :-)

    Their first few months have been spent helping Tony with his hooves and diet, new surroundings, and simple walks.  He needs some more training, so he is currently with a professional trainer close by.  After Tony gets a little more responsive to commands, Lexie will start her weekly lessons on Tony.  Lexie has been in private lessons with the trainer for 1.5 years; but, she's so looking forward to learning on Tony!  We here at the Kentucky Equine Humane Center are so happy and excited that these two have found each other  and look forward to seeing their story grow!
UPDATE!- 4/28/2015

We just recieved pictures of Lexi and Tony D! They are doing great, and we are happy to announce that Lexi is now riding Tony D, and they look AMAZING!!! They both look extremely happy and made for one another! 

Tony D and Lexie