When you consider adopting from us, behavior and training level of your new

horse is most likely one of your top concerns. At the Equine Humane Center we

understand that. This is why we have established a top-notch training program.

When evaluating the quality of a training program, it's individual components all

need to be considered. On this page we will explain the most important  aspects

that have influenced our decision in designing our training program. Of course we

are here for you to answer any additional questions you may still have via phone

or in person.   

Starting from Scratch...While perhaps not always absolutely necessary, we do give

every horse the opportunity to start over. This takes more time but is well worth it in order to (re)establish a quality foundation. A solid foundation equates to a more enjoyable and safe mount for you. Furthermore, we simply do not always have a lot of information about an animal's past and training level. Going by the feedback from the horses, starting over is fun for them and has been given the equine seal of approval. 

                                                                           Individualized Training ...We do not subscribe to any particular training method. Rather, we look at each and                                                                                and every one of our horses as an individual with individual needs. The learning experiences we offer to our horses                                                                            are all applied with kindness and patience but may use a variety of different tack options and different activities                                                                              for each horse. Our trainers are highly qualified, trusted, and do have the knowledge and flexibility to draw from                                                                            a wide variety of techniques. Ultimately, the horse is the judge. If the horse is successful - so are we - and                                                                                      ultimately YOU, the adopter.​